Four New Champions Prevail at Hank’s Billiards

Top FinishersResults provided by Rich Montoya, Tournament Director

Forty-four players showed up to do battle at Hank’s Billiards and what a battle it was. Here’s the breakdown of the brackets: 8 Ladies, 8 AAA’s, 14 AA’s and 14 A’s.

In the AAA’s, Rich Cunningham (2005 National Masters Champion) matched up against Marc Vidal, while Mark Haddad matched up against Andrew Pettinger (ATM). The competition proved to be to much for Rich and ATM. Meanwhile Jose Cruz beat the rest of the field and looked as if he might win the winners side of the AAA bracket, as he bested Greg Romero and Chris Onesky. But ultimately he succumbed to Marc Vidal (5-2). He was not done though. He fell behind (4-1) on the losers side to Mark Haddad and looked as if he was non-existent. When all of a sudden Mark scratched on the ball before the 8, and that’s when Jose showed that he has more heart than most and clawed his way back to a (5-4) victory over one of the best Denver has to offer. Melissa Little, one of our local professionals, also played in the tournament but forfeited out due to back problems. José finished 7/8th place.

In the AA bracket Brian Krapes, who said one of his goals is to move to the AAA bracket, lost his first match to Johnny (Eskimo) (5-2) before going on a terror defeating Rich Pope, Mike Hogan, George Summet, Don Clements, Caleb Lovato, Donald Plotkin, then Jose Cruz and Leonard Romero, who seams to have more lives than a cat, when he came up short to take 2nd place overall.

In the A bracket both Kyle Engelsman, and Chris Foster dominated the A bracket then matched up to play for the winners side. With Chris Finishing on top (5-3), both players agreed that are ready for the AA bracket. It is so much fun seeing players grow. Chris finished 3rd overall and Kyle finished 4th.

In the women’s bracket, I asked the players who they thought was the favorite and everyone agreed that Holly Figueroa was their first choice, but Tina Payne was determined to win and did just that by defeating Holly (5-3) to make the final four players on the winners side. Deb Worcester also defeated Holly in a rubber match. Deb finished in 8th place.

What a beautiful game pool is. It really comes down to imagination, lots of practice, and the will to win under a lot of duress. Please continue to support Billiards in the Denver Metro area. It is my belief that we have been blessed with so many good players here in Denver. Good luck to all whom are going to Vegas for VNEA or BCA Championships. Show the rest of the country just what we are made of.

Thank you to Hank’s Billiards for the $500.00 added to the main event and $125.00 on Friday night. Please invite someone to teach, play, and participate in all the events Colorado has to offer and don’t forget to support the Cue Times Billiard News. Special thanks to Holly Figueroa, Larry Sposato, Tina and Karen at the bar and everyone in the Billiard Community.

And oh by the way, what a beautiful shot Marc Vidal made to win the tournament… a four- railer with perfect shape on the 8. You are a true professional when it comes down to your conduct, attitude and determination!

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